Eduforma produces their own version of the leaflet in Italian

Eduforma, the Italian partner of the PROCARE project, has produced the Italian version of the basic information leaflet. You will also find it in the Publications section of this website. Feel free to distribute the information regarding the project, its goals, target groups and partners as you see fit.

Eduforma is a business training and management consulting company, specializing in the area of human resources development, based in Padova, Italy. Aiming at the continuous improvement of business organizations, Eduforma assists the management in strategic choices, from the analysis of needs to the design of interventions, from their realization to the analysis of results. You may find more about the project partner at their website:



Through support to organizations in increasing the decision-making power of their managers, in stimulating the assumption of responsibility, in managing emergency situations and in the development of teamwork, Eduforma achieves its mission.