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Professional caregivers for older people or people with disabilities play one of the major roles in the physical and mental health, recovery and rehabilitation of the patients. They often hold responsibilities of intimate nature and work in spaces where hopelessness and staleness may take over the occupation experience, affecting their own mental and physical health. The PROCARE Project is aimed at the training of Managers of Long-term Care Units, so they will be able to act as Mentors and support their Caregiving Staff in their efforts to prevent and manage Occupational Burnout.

IASIS publishes project info leaflet in Greek

IASIS publishes project info leaflet in Greek

IASIS, our Greek partner organization, has published the project information leaflet in Greek today. Available in the Publications section, suitable for electronic distribution.  The Civil ...
Project information leaflet made available

Project information leaflet made available

The project media package has been extended with a new project overview leaflet in PDF. As with this website, it contains all the essential project information and is perfectly suited for digital


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